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Chris Brown was arrested late Friday afternoon March14th, for being dismissed from court ordered rehab. This is just one of many legal issue the R&B singer has found himself in since his 2009 conviction for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna.


The Associated Press reported an arrest warrant was issued for Brown after he was expelled from rehab, for failing to comply with the rules of the program.....(Click here to read more)



Comedic vet Seth Rogan is partnering with Evan Goldberg to bring arguably the biggest gaming console rivalry to the big screen.


The movie will be based on Blake Harris' ...(Click here to read more)

FCC approves AT&T's acquistion of Leap Wireless today. AT&T is currently the second largest wireless telecommunications carrier behind Verizon Wireless in the United States, while Leap Wireless is the holdings .....(Click here to read more)

While having a casual lunch meeting with a group of co-workers, one of the women brought up the ego of her husband. “This dudes’ so fucking cocky, I could properly cheat on him, and leave clues all over the place and he’d never get past the thought of himself being the best man on the planet” were her exact words. This sparked a discussion between the men and the women at the lunch table. It is a fact that the percentage of men caught cheating dwarf the percentage of women that are caught, but is that because we (confident men) are so in thralled by own confidence that we wouldn’t notice a cheating wife/girlfriend or are women better cheaters then men?

The South China Morning Post reported a group of women are currently luring and stealing from unsuspecting men in Lockhart Road, Hong Kong’s red-light strip.


Tourists and fans are currently visiting Hong Kong due to the city's famed Sevens Rugby tournament

(Click here to read more)

A South Carolina State University Student was shot and killed on the University's Campus earlier today (Jan. 24, 2014). Police are currently in search of four suspects.


Officers were called in at 1:30pm est, and University officials placed the campus under locked down.

(Click here to read more)

Iraqi officials are reporting three bombs detonated in the busy Sulaikh district in Northern Baghdad, wounding 16 and killing 4 people.


Officials were unable to speak on further details, due to the lack of authorization to provide information to the media.

26 people were killed in an attack that 

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