Sat. June, 27th 2020

By  C e a s a r  I o n

America is undoubtedly the land of the free and home of the brave. As a nation, we offer the most opportunity - bar-none.


We also have a high esteem for history, honoring those of the past that have made significant contributions to our current way of life. Those that have made the highest contributions are honored with monuments both small and large. One of the avenues we seem to go awry is building and maintaining monuments to traitors, turncoats, and detractors. Our need to celebrate monuments to the nation formerly known as the Confederate States of America is simply a misguided one. Aside from the well known fact that they’re traitors to the nation that saw human beings as no more than a commodity, and free labor - THEY LOST THE WAR!!!!


We’re the only nation to celebrate the Losers (...and I mean that in every sense of the word). 


2 perfect examples are the Biafra war in Nigeria, and the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Both countries carry great shame for the cause and effects of their respective conflicts. You won’t find any statues or public institutions named after Adolf Hitler anywhere in Germany today. Nevertheless, the need of some Americans to celebrate the Confederate flag, name streets, neighborhoods, and high institutions after these traitorous losers is one of the many causes of the ultimate division in these United States of America.