While having a casual lunch meeting with a group of co-workers, one of the women brought up the ego of
her husband. “This dudes’ so fucking cocky, I could properly cheat on him, and leave clues all over the
place and he’d never get past the thought of himself being the best man on the planet” were her exact
words. This sparked a discussion between the men and the women at the lunch table. It is a fact that the
percentage of men caught cheating dwarf the percentage of women that are caught, but is that because we
(confident men) are so in thralled by own confidence that we wouldn’t notice a cheating wife/girlfriend or
are women better cheaters then men?

It is very well known that women prefer confident men. I highly doubt any self-respecting women would
respond “Yeah, I want a man that’s always down, complaining, and feels sorry for himself” to the question
“What type of man do you want?”. As a confident man, I think of my girlfriend sexually as a castle where I
and, only I am king. Of course, it is totally necessary to make her feel as though she’s queen in bed as well
as other aspects (emotionally, socially, and mentally) but I highly doubt I would disregard what’s right in
front of my face in support of my ego. In retrospect, I doubt that I wouldn’t be able to catch on to a woman
that was cheating on me.

When people cheat things change. Attitudes, moods, and feelings are all casualties of a relationship where
an independent or mutual partners are cheating. The signs are there and most people know how to read
them, the fact that they aren’t read at all or after the circumstance is left to that persons’ discretion.

Sat. June, 27th 2020

By  F r e e  Q u i n c y