First things First, I Love This Game!


The NBA’s G-League is an awesome concept that solves the problems of keeping talented players domestic, and developing later selected draft picks. The G-League also offers players the ability to make money for themselves and their families, over making money for 100+ year old universities (or getting an education (whichever side of the argument you may be on.) That’s a different article for a different day). 


In the spirit of developing the G-League players into becoming true professionals, let's think about having the G-League teams in different markets (….and I’m not just talking about moving to a different city). I'm talking having them break state lines from their respective parent NBA club. We have case studies with clubs like the Delaware Blue Coats, and the Maine Red Claws. 


I wouldn't surprised if the teams further away from their respective parent club were doing better in merch, ticket sales, etc. With a different market, comes a different fanbase. Their own fanbase!

Why aren’t the Westchester Knicks taking advantage of a market like New Jersey, and the Nets doing the same with Connecticut?


(I kept the hostile status of the relationship between the Nets and New Jersey when I made those suggestions). 


The Swarm should be in South Carolina. Would Portland consider launching a club in Seattle to fill the void left by the Sonics?

By  C e a s a r  I o n

Sat. June, 27th 2020